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I am still focusing on learning JavaScript and especially different JavaScript methods while waiting for the next academic year to begin. The first courses are due to start in early September, so it’s not so long to wait anymore. I hope that it will boost my productivity since now I feel extremely unfocused and a bit confused in the abundance of information.

Anyway, there is still certain progress in my skills. Now I will also probably write more often since I have an idea for a cycle of posts about JavaScript. The first post of this cycle was published last…

In the last couple of days, I was trying to intensively learn JavaScript. So, in the few next posts will be some thoughts about useful functions, methods, and syntax features. Today I will start with the javascript spread operator.

Spread syntax

The javascript spread operator could be a pretty useful tool that saves space and improves the syntax. In the first example below, I am using it for passing args array to the newArgs on line 5. Next, on lines 7 and 8, I am passing those arrays to fn function.

fn = (x, y, z, a = 4, b = 5…

Finally, I have some time to write about my experience with React. When I am thinking about all the things I have learned over the last year, React seems to be the most tricky part of web development so far. I watched a bunch of videos and read a lot of everything. And even so, I don’t feel particularly confident in dealing with it.

I guess that the reason is not the complexity of React as a concept, but rather my insufficient understanding of the basics of JavaScript and things related to it. Learning to code turned out to be…

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am currently studying IT at the LAB University of Applied Sciences (Finland, Lahti). The first year of my studies ended about one month ago, and in the coming fall, I will continue with the second one.

During the first year, we had basically a lot of core studies, like English, math, and physics, which is, I think, quite common. Fortunately, we also had some courses on more IT-related topics: web development (HTML, CSS & JS), basics of software engineering (Python, SQL), servers, virtualization, etc.

Anyway, after the first year, we…

Well, it’s been over two weeks since the start of my vacation. Before it started, I thought I was going to write here more often, but there were many other things and so on. Due to the coronavirus situation, it was almost impossible to travel anywhere except within the country. So we had a couple of car trips inside Finland (Tampere, Lahti, Järvenpää, Kirkkonummi, etc).

Anyway, my self-learning continues and I could say that I’m getting more familiar with JavaScript and React. There will be a separate post fully dedicated to React in a few days (I hope).

But let’s…

In addition to my main studies, I constantly watch FrontendMasters courses. Those courses are mostly about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, web development in general, and things like that. So in this post, I’ll share some considerations about JavaScript data types.

Well, at first, there are some basic data types, like strings, numbers, and booleans (true vs false):

console.log(typeof "Test")
→ string

console.log(typeof 8)
→ number

console.log(typeof true)
→ boolean

Then, in the following example, we can see the difference between undefined and undeclared variables. …

At the moment I am especially interested in Git and have recently passed two courses devoted to this technology. One course was from the University of Tampere, which I’m going to include in my degree. And the other one is a course called Git In-depth from Frontend Masters.

Actually, both courses were quite impressive, and I have learned a lot about Git. So, there are several points I found out and which I found particularly important as my personal top-8:

1). A remote repository

Adding and deleting:

Since my previous post was more about my background, then in this one, I will talk about my current situation. At the moment, I am studying at the LAB University of Applied Sciences, which is located in Lahti, Finland. And yes, I’m learning information technology.

Lahti is located about a hundred kilometers from Helsinki, where I live at the moment. And it is not the biggest city, even by the standards of Finland. Anyway, they have quite a good university — And more importantly, they also have online degree program options, one of which I chose. So, I rarely…

Hello to everyone, whoever reads this post. So, let’s start with a brief introduction.

My story relating to this blog started in 2015. This year I graduated from the University of Helsinki, where I studied Russian literature as a major. Literature was a pretty natural choice for me since I always adored reading and wanted to do literature research professionally. My choice fell exactly on Russian literature because I am Russian, and, despite the fact, that I lived in Finland for most of my life, I found myself closest to the world of Russian culture.

Study at university felt pretty…

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